The Dive Center
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Often we have to decide between our wonderful hobby of diving and spending the holiday with our family. You don’t have to make this decision if you choose the Adriadive Diving Center in Ražanj.

You can spend your holiday with your family and make 2-3 dippings a day at the same time at one of the best diving places of the Adriatic Sea. In the meantime your family can enjoy the bright sunshine, children can swim in the sparkling clean water or accompany you in the diving boat as ’boat divers’ to the neighbouring lighthouse. Within a quarter of an hour you can change the peaceful, quiet bay to the Dalmatian milling in the surrounding small towns. Excellent diving places, quiet, peaceful environment, good friends, familiar holiday… that’s what we offer in these pages.

The Dive Center is situated in a fully furnished coastal apartment house. One of the crucial point of the equipement is a compressor of high performance, soon capable of nitrox and trimix fillings(you have to inform us before you arrive you will need it). Quick transportation a great variety of diving sites is facilitated by two speed boat each of them is good for 10-10 person.Tank and weight are in the price. Approach of diving sites is easy, either conducted directly from the seashore in front of the Center, or from the boat.