Diving locations
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Over 20 diving locations!

We lead diving approximately to 20 diving places, in a 30 km territory.

The main sights are the wonderful drop offs with corals. Near the natural sights we can show to you the human activities remains (torpedo, boat-wreck).

We make the diving by speed boats.

For the diving by Croation Law you must have:

  • Croation diving license( we do not get offical papers about that yet, but how is look like it will be not neccessary from this year)
  • diving insurance
  • valid medical-aptitude test

Diving locations:



Punta has 4 great locations for experienced divers because of the walls just 20m away from the coast. Names of the positions are Ploča (Plate), Japanski vrt (JapaneseGarden), Crni zid (Black wall) and memorial for Istvan Vida. All depths are in range of 15-60m.

Naturally, you can dive to the great depths only with an adequate qualification. But, even the depth about 35-40 m are full of underwater life: gorgonians, lobsters, cat shark, muray, congers, groupers…


2. GOLUBINKA (Private collection of amphorae)

This location is good for experienced as for the beginner divers. In this location there are two walls. The first wall is located at a depth of 22m, and ends at 43m, followed by a sandy part (about 8m) to a depth of 45m, where there is a second wall which extends to a depth of 58m. Both walls are full of underwater life.

The objective of this position is to show our history and heritage in the unusual "museum." The third position consists of a small wall that is full of eggs from cat shark and there is also a large metal anchor.

3. MALA SMOKVICA (Sweet wreck)

According to some stories, the wreck on which we are diving today was a ship carrying sugar and chocolate, valuable delicacies of that time. Unfortunately, it suffered the accident at the end of World War II near the island of Mala smokvica.
The wreck of that small steamer is resting on very affordable depth of 15 to 23 meters and is frequently visited site by divers of all categories. Boilers are scattered along the bottom of the hull. Along the coast of the island, there are parts of its left hull, which is proof that the ship was badly damaged; it suffered an explosion during voyage, and after he lost part of its hull quickly sank with the south-western cape to the sandy sea bed.


A former military island.
Location for all diving categories.
Upon impressions of the guests who went diving on Smokvica, this is one of the best diving locations because of its varieties of underwater life.
Here we have a large number of good diving locations. One of them is Špic, location full of military waste sent to the bottom of the sea by Yugoslav army.
The second position is the Torpedo, which is located at a depth of 40m. Its length is about 8m, assumed to be disabled by Yugoslav army.
Third position called Dolina (The Valley) provides the opportunity of diving in two directions. Passing the sand-stone valley we reach the wall, which consists of gorgonian forests on one side and the other side of the staggered wall, is covered with a variety of underwater life. Most interesting is the snail Bačvaš (Tonna galea) which is a protected species.
The following position is called Kanjon (Canyon). At this position there is also possibility of diving in two directions. Anchoring and dive are made from the high plateau of the island, which is at a depth of range 3 to 14m. This is the beginning of the wall that reaches to a depth of 60m. Choice of depth allows participation in the dive to all categories of divers.
This place is full of various fish species.
One of the location attractions are octopus which are very often in the mood for socializing and photographing.


Location only for experienced divers.
On an island there is the lighthouse from time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The weather conditions have to be very good for visiting this location. We use every good opportunity to give our guests an exceptional experience of diving on Mulo. Depending on currents, dive master decides of the anchoring and dive.
There are several walls. The bottom is rocky, covered with grass to the edge of the walls.
As well as all other locations, this one is wealthy of lobsters, TIBINJAMA, MURINE, UGORI, octopus and gorgonians.
Everyone who has dive on Mulo said “It’s like diving in a large aquarium”.

These are only some examples and descriptions of our diving locations.
We guarantee a good time for the divers and the members of their families, as under the sea and at sea and on land.